Frequently Asked Questions | Regulations


  • The usual check-in time is between 16h00 and 18h00. Outside these hours, you will have to inform reception about your arrival time.
  • The check-out time indicated in the booking information must be respected. Any change must be notified in advance. Each additional hour (or fraction of an hour) will have a cost of 30,00€ to be paid by the holder of the reservation. If there is no one at the reception desk at check out time, please leave the keys at the reception desk through the window.
  • Losing the keys has a penalty of 50,00€/set.


  • The apartment equipment (cushions, blankets, towels, electronic devices, amenities, kitchen utensils, soaps, etc.) are intended to be used during your stay and cannot be taken with you. Any lost items will be charged for.
  • Please do not leave the water running in the bathroom and kitchen when leaving the apartment.
  • Please make sure not to leave lights on when not necessary.


  • Smoking is not permitted in the entire building or apartment.
  • When smoking in the outdoor areas, please pick up cigarette butts.
  • If smoking on the balcony/terrace of the apartment, please make sure to close the door connecting to the apartment tightly to prevent smoke from entering and/or setting off smoke detectors.
  • The hotel management has the exclusive right to fine guests who have smoked in the apartment/hotel with a maximum penalty of 100€.


  • For safety and security reasons, it is not allowed to visit the apartments or use the facilities to persons not registered in the Hotel. Access to the swimming pool is also not allowed to persons not registered at the Hotel.
  • In case of eating in the pool area, garbage and food must be picked up before leaving. It is strictly forbidden to carry or use glass material in the whole area.
  • There is no lifeguard service in the pool area; the client will use the pool under his own responsibility. Minors must be supervised at all times by parents or adults.
  • Avoid swimming alone or under the influence of alcohol. Keep the pool area tidy at all times to prevent anyone from hurting themselves with objects or towels on the floor.


  • CAN ALEMANY is not responsible for cash, valuable jewelry or luggage of the client.
  • CAN ALEMANY is not responsible for personal or material damages the client may suffer at his own expense during his stay at Can Alemany.


  • Animals are not allowed in the hotel.
  • A fine of 100€ may be requested if animals are found in the apartment or in the garden.
  • If this cannot be avoided, please contact us for more information.


  • It is not allowed to move the furniture in the common areas or in the apartment without prior permission.
  • A fine of 100€ may be requested if furniture (beds, tables, sofas or similar) is found moved without permission.


  • Avoid noise or shouting between 23h00 and 7h00.
  • Make good use of all facilities and equipment. Any intentional or unnotified damage may be charged to the holder of the reservation.