About us

The project

A centenary tree welcomes visitors who come to Can Alemany. We also leave the doors open for you to come and visit us.

Can Alemany is the ideal place to get lost, disconnect, dream and relax.


Can Alemany, known before the 19th century as Mas Salamones, is one of the oldest farmhouses in the village of Santa Margarida de Montbui. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the expansion of wheat cultivation, and especially the vineyard, made all the farms of Montbui were important producers and therefore enriched their heritage.

Can Alemany is restored and rehabilitated with the desire not to lose an important legacy for the village.

After a few years of certain abandonment, in 2014, Can Alemany is restored and refurbished with the aspiration of contributing to a more sustainable tourism, an increasingly green economy and with the desire not to lose an important legacy for the village.


In 2004, Joan and Elisabet decided to buy a farmhouse with the aim of preserving some very important rural areas for the region.

10 years later, in 2014, the Can Alemany project was born. The old farmhouse is renovated into an apartment hotel following bioclimatic architecture criteria, with low consumption facilities and investing in geothermal energy and biomass to achieve a highly sustainable building.

This large farmhouse surrounded by nature wants to be a welcoming space of quality for all those who seek to disconnect from their day to day, break the hectic pace of today's world and enjoy rural wellness.

We want Can Alemany to be, for a while, our guests ' home and offer them the opportunity to get to know our rich Catalan culture.

Our values

One of our main objectives is to minimize our environmental impact. At the same time, we work to promote responsible and nature-based tourism and contribute to the local economy by consuming local products and services.


In Can Alemany we have tried to reduce to the maximum the consumption of natural and energetic resources betting for a geothermal air conditioning, which gives heat in winter and cold in summer. We also have a biomass boiler that helps us to achieve greater comfort. The energy we need comes 100% from renewable energies and the installations are of low consumption. In 2022 we installed a photovoltaic plant for self-consumption. Our rainwater harvesting system allows us to use this water to irrigate the garden.


We work with local suppliers and, whenever possible, we try to use organic products. Both our cleaning products and the gels and shampoos we offer to our guests are certified organic and do not pollute the environment. Our breakfasts combine km.0 and organic products.


We work to raise awareness of the cultural heritage of our region and enhance the value of our festivals and traditions. We strive to ensure that the tourism that visits us also has an impact on our businesses and activities in the area. We prioritize the maintenance, conservation and cleanliness of the environment and we want to deepen the protection and recovery of natural areas of great ecological value of our environment.

The team

The Can Alemany team is one of the most important pillars of the project. We are very fortunate to have a group of strong, authentic and vital people who, thanks to their talent, help us to shape our project every day.

The Can Alemany team is one of the most important pillars of the project

Elisabet, designer by profession and craftswoman in love with details, decoration and good taste, has managed to impregnate Can Alemany with that distinctive and unique touch.

Cristina, Joan and Elisabet's daughter, provides the administrative, organizational and commercial side of the business. Part of her effort is dedicated to preserving Joan's spirit at Can Alemany; a born non-conformist who had always tried to move away from everything conventional and was passionate about new challenges. Can Alemany is a reflection of his restless spirit.

Olga, who has recently joined the project, helps us to improve every day with all her knowledge, effort and dedication. We thank her for helping us to continue building this project.

Angie, and all the cleaning team, help us to keep everything in Can Alemany looking as beautiful as the first day.

At the same time, we are lucky to have Màrius and Ivan, who dedicate their time and effort to take care of the facilities, the fields and the olive trees of the estate. Although they are not the visible face of the Hotel, their work, labor and dedication is evident in every corner of Can Alemany and its surroundings.

The team is completed with Fernando and Ana, our landlords, who will be happy to help you whenever you need it.